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1. Enemy grabbed you by the left hand. 2. Do movement of the left hand up to the hilt camas was above the wrist of the enemy. 3. Push the enemy right hand fingers to his left wrist and pull down sharply.

Immediately need to mention that about fencing Ninja B nobi-ken-jutsu, Shinobi iaijutsu we know very, very little for the simple reason that in ancient sources the topic is not reflected.

Specially to say about the short palmar stick Yawar Congo, which was done so long that the ends protrude from a fist a couple of inches on each side. Originally Congo stick used in Buddhist rituals and was made of sandalwood.

NACA-Sikora - "SAW AVERAGE" Ninja
leaf blade that, unlike the previous one, was almost perfectly circular. Total length of sentences-shikoro about 25 cm

All kinds of ninja throwing weapon, taken together, collectively referred to as "thin" and is divided into three main groups: for throwing knives and throwing arrows bo-syuriken, throwing plates hira-syuriken or syaken and various spikes Tetsu-BISI.

So we went on the trail of an elusive unsteady shadow warriors of medieval Japan. This review was very brief and, no doubt, is not always accurate.

Oo-Sikora - "BIG SAW" Ninja
Oo-shikoro - large saw different kinds of spyware saws are shown in Fig. 161-162, shaped like a leaf of the tree, with the tip and the two blades. Made of high quality iron. Form "Spy Saw" reminds pointed leaf of the tree.

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