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UKITASUKI - "FLOATING webbing." Ninja "KOSIOBI" - "femoral BELT»
Ninja invested dried fruits gourd in a long narrow rag bag and tied the ends. The resulting "lifejacket" was tied around the waist or chest straps on manners-Tasuku that samurai tying jacket, it does not interfere in the battle.

Tenohira-taymatsu - "palmar Torch" Ninja
This tiny fakelok length of 6 cm that was used like our matches. They could highlight the ninja himself, hiding in his hands, covered with his arm or his bosom.

Yumite NINJA
1. Opponent grabs your shoulder from behind and wants to do Throw. 2. Make a U-turn in a circle on the right foot and the bases his right hand under the right hand of the enemy.

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