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Pop SAOTO KIKIGANE - «hardware bugging the slightest sound in water" Ninja
This device is also described in "Ninpiden": "When eavesdropping outside sounds, hidden in the water, you should listen in using this device.

sprocket syakeny produced a variety of sizes. The size growth was dependent on the owner`s weight, physical strength, throwing distances, etc.

Invisible Man Ninja
main condition for the survival of the art of the ninja was to remain invisible - "onsin-jitsu." If his presence is noticed immediately began hunting for a gambling man using all means, including trained dogs.

UMEBI - Bury FIRE Ninja
DZIRAYBI - "FIERY MINE» This is the original version landmine push action. Wooden tub, box or clay pot filled with gunpowder charge, lead or iron bullets and covered the thin cover.

Masaaki Hatsumi in his book "Ninjutsu history and tradition» asserts that the ninja of Togakure-ryu used a "unique" or rather, quite a rare kind of spear kamayari which combines the characteristics of spear and sickle Fig.

1. Take the ready position. 2. Drew his sword straight movement of the right hand. 3. Raise your arm up so that the cutting edge of the sword pointing down, and the point forward.

-Yagura "TOWER" Ninja
Donn Draeger Yagura describes as follows: "With the help of a special device Yagura that nightfall was delivered to the fortress wall, ninja could rise to a considerable height, to penetrate into the besieged castle.

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