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Tenouti can be called a kind of conga. Its special feature is the middle rope loop sticks, which is passed middle finger Fig. 98. Tenouti use almost as much as Yawar, but unlike the latter it can beat even flat, as if to slap the opponent.

Karoo-taymatsu - "light the torch" Ninja
second rollout "Ninpiden" as one of the most secret ninja aids described "light the torch" punishment-taymatsu.

TECHNOLOGY Sanada Nin-jutsu Ninja
1. Shuriken Jutsu STARS AND ARROWS Stars and arrows and shuriken Saken used not only ninja. Samurai also wore them. It was not a long-range lethal weapon, as it is often portrayed in movies and distracting.

Donobi - "fire, a body-worn" Ninja
second type of container-warmers called donobi - "fire, worn on the body." It was a wooden tube, wrapped in hemp cloth, and was so small that it can be hung using the lace around the neck and shove his bosom.

Tessen Ninja
Occasionally used ninja martial tessen iron fan, traditionally considered an attribute or a noble samurai warlord. Although some authors such as Gennady Tai enroll art of fighting with metal fan - tessen-jutsu - a standard training program ninja actually "night demons" use of such weapons is not often.

HEROGAN - "edible pill" Ninja OPTION 1
30 momme Mix flour barley dregs, 30 momme milled into flour mochi rice cakes, 10 momme pounded into powder ginseng. To a mixture of honey and add vodka Japanese premium sake and all this cook on low heat until until a sticky porridge- ca. Blind from her ball and dry it. To fully saturate a day is enough to eat two dozen small grains.

CURRENTS - "GEAR climbing" Ninja
During their night operations "invisible" often had to overcome palisades, walls, climbing on rooftops, trees, climb the mountain slopes. To simplify your life, Ninja invented many special currents - "adaptations for climbing": different hooks, ladders, staples, etc.

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