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Prosecutors Kaki-Ninja
This special tool for opening of gate valves and granary Fig. 173. Prosecutor-kaki size could be very different, long and short, thick and thin. In "Ninpiden" prosecutors described sample-kaki with a handle made of cypress wood 15 cm long with a hole in the bottom, through which a cord length of 21 cm Iron Prosecutor part-Kaki is bent at a right angle in half, has a thickness of 4.5 mm, a width 6 cm and a total length of 36.5 cm Such tools used Japanese carpenters.

Camouflage suit and armor Ninja
writing this book, I looked at a few dozen Western and Russian works on ninjutsu, but he could not find anything like a detailed description of the camouflage suit ninja ninja-sedzoku.

TARE-ikada - "flesh-kegs" Ninja
Some authors place in the number of containers and Suica-ika-yes - wooden barrels or clay pots with a diameter of 25-30 cm, up to his knees. Wearing two such "float", one for each leg, the ninja allegedly could move through the water using a long stick or paddle.

According to ancient sources, "the invisible" of the Iga and Koga were known secrets to 300 potions of various properties: medicinal, poisonous, tonic, antidotes, etc. It is believed that the best versed in this issue of the Koga ninja, where the population was engaged from time immemorial herbal medicine collection and compilation.

Rokugo - "SIX DEVICES" Ninja
Ninja used a huge number of devices, aids, but among them there are six items that were permanent baggage "warriors of the night." These six items mentioned in almost all instruction in schools Iga Ryu and Koga Ryu called "Rokugo" - "six items". Rokugo set consists of the following items: 1. Amigas wicker hat; 2. kaginava "cat»; 3. sekihitsu pencil or yadate inkwell with Packaging for brushes; 4. Yakuhin medicines; 5. tsukedake or utidake container carrying embers; 6. sandzyaku-tenugui towel.

This custom wick made of bamboo fibers in the area but Ise-Seki. It was digested in a special paint for blackening the teeth, thereby "Doge destoyky

There are many times different types Kama sickles. and almost all of them were using ninja thanks to that they could openly carry and use in the de-sired time. It was one of the most beloved propagation of weapons One type of kama - on Tagam "- used by mountain monks yamabushi to collect medicinal herbs.

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