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Hisyaken - "fiery syuriken" Ninja
Cross syuriken juji syuriken, syuriken-star-seykey syuriken, syuriken-shestikonechnik or metal ring could wrap the cord impregnated with oil. Then, the wick burned and throw syuriken They drove into the wall, beam or a tree, turning into a kind of light.

Martial chain had a length of 60 to 120 cm on both chain ends fastened sinkers to form a ball, cone, pyramid or rings of up to 300 grams each.

AME Hiya - "rain Firebolt»
This sample incendiary arrows powder charge was wrapped with oiled paper, rainproof, and wrapped with thread, and the wick was filled with a mixture of powder paint for blackening teeth.

Pop-Suir - "WATER HELMET" Ninja
This is another element of underwater equipment ninja. This is a special helmet that ninjas used to protect the head, hiding under the water.

Coaching Centre Svadhishthana Water Chakra, draw on inspiration in the lower abdomen orange cloud, and as you exhale say the mantra "vaum.

HISTORY Ninjutsu
Even knowing full well the symbolism of Chinese and Japanese culture, it is difficult to penetrate the mystery that hides the origins, life and psychology of the ninja.

Nobody could compete with ninja art penetration impregnable castles and military camps, not to mention the objects that are not protected.

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