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Rokugo - "SIX DEVICES" Ninja

2015-12-10 00:00:00

Ninja used a huge number of devices, aids, but among them there are six items that were permanent baggage "warriors of the night." These six items mentioned in almost

all instruction in schools Iga Ryu and Koga Ryu called "Rokugo" - "six items". Rokugo set consists of the following items:

1. Amigas wicker hat;

2. kaginava "cat»;

3. sekihitsu pencil or yadate inkwell with Packaging for brushes;

4. Yakuhin medicines;

5. tsukedake or utidake container carrying embers;

6. sandzyaku-tenugui towel.

On Amigas

we mentioned in the first chapter. On the "cat" kaginave will speak in detail in the section on devices for climbing currents. About tsukedake Fig. 112

Rokugo - « » six fixtures Ninja

Fig. 112. Tsukedake

see "fire equipment" Kaki. A medicines and poisons discussed in a separate, fifth chapter. So here we discuss in detail only two subjects Rokugo - Grifel sekihitsu and towel-sandzyaku tenugui.

Sekihitsu - literally "Stone Hand" - this is an ordinary pencil lead. In one of the Western works dvtor found funny statement that "the stone brush" supposedly represented "a piece of stone, which wrote messages on trees and rocks" and, besides, "with equal success could be used as

Thrown. " So reviewers can advise only one thing: often look to the relevant dictionaries and dream less.

Some lists

Rokugo instead sekihitsu appears yadate - inkwell with attach Packaging for brushes. However, the appointment of these two items is the same: they were used to record observations, preparation of reports, in the mapping. Each of these two writing tools have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the report, written in soft pencil can be easily erased, so that even a very experienced eye can not know what was written on the sheet, because of modern forensic technology had not yet been known. But the black ink, which wrote the Japanese, in a manner not exterminate. But writing brush durable, and it`s very important, especially in the manufacture of cards. In addition, yadate ninja often hid the gun that could come in very handy in difficult times. The conclusion suggests itself: it is better to have on hand and then, and more.

Sandzyaku-tenugui - this towel is made of cotton fabric about 1 meter in length, painted in dark brown color. If necessary, it can be lost or tie instead of the selected zones, to use as a facial mask dzukin instead bandage wound dressing to break into strips and tie their opponents. Sandzyaku-tenugui could be wet and weighted so knock the sword out of the hands of the enemy, to entangle his hands and, if necessary, to strangle. More ninja used a towel as a filter for drinking water standing or running, if the purity of generated suspicion. For this sandzyaku-tenugui folded several times, puts to his mouth and swallowed already filtered from the water turbidity than fleeing from nasty stomach upsets. Some authors even suggest that the juice of the plant is dry, which-

Eye painted his costume "invisible" or black ink used to stain the teeth was the custom among the Japanese that this juice is often drugged to give the desired tone, have the ability to kill bacteria, but so far none of the researchers test this fact not engaged. Anyway, this miracle towel in the teachings on ninjutsu says: "With him you can never leave." Worn-san Dzyak tenugui in a long narrow pocket sewn to the wrong side of the jacket shinobi-sedzoku on the right side.

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