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chain had a length of 60 to 120 cm on both chain ends fastened sinkers to form a ball, cone, pyramid or rings of up to 300 grams each. Just as in the art of combat and rope-musubinava weights applied deafening blows and chain entangled limbs and neck of the opponent. To prevent him grab the chain and strengthen the impact of the painful entanglement with hands or feet, 10-20 cm from the weights to the chain fastened balls with spikes, sharp asterisks or spikes dig into the enemy`s body, his tear His tufts.


sinkers wrapped with cotton wool soaked in fuel composition, and burned. Unwinding a chain-nin Ja surrounded himself with ring of fire, do not let the enemies approach.

Much attention in the combat chain given the difficult technique of movements, such as circles or eights with the change levels when the chain rotates around itself, creating an impenetrable field intercepted from hand to hand, confusing the enemy. Generally chain fighting technique is quite diverse. For example, school Kusari-jutsu Ma-saki-ryu canonized about 300 different techniques with chain-Manrique gusari.

addition to standard chains with weights on both ends of the chain known for other samples of weapons, such as computer and kompey kusaribo.

Kompey PC - it is also a chain, but longer - from 1 to 2 meters - and with no load on both the same and

End. At the other end there is a metal ring or chain loop that can be worn on the arm. Loop does not slip out of your hands arms and allows the chain to unscrew the brush, but in general the use of combat capabilities and the same compy that Manrique-gusari.

Manrique-gusari - « almighty chain »

Fig. 68. Utibo - a kind of chain weapons

Kusaribo or tigiriki, - a kind of dagger. In this case, a chain with a small weight attached to oak often studded with iron or iron handle. Availability stick dramatically increases the range of the weapon and its combat capabilities as a fighter can now wield not only the chain, but handle like a stick.

Martial chain, no doubt, a very formidable weapon. In addition, they are very easy to hide under clothing or personal belongings. Historians believe that the ninja could not pass by such outstanding properties of circuits. However, in the instructions for ninjutsu chain as a weapon hardly mentioned Fig. 68.

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