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Coaching Centre Svadhishthana Water Chakra, draw on inspiration in the lower abdomen orange cloud, and as you exhale say the mantra "vaum." Triangular Centre Fire Manipur Chakra train through the clouds and yellow mantra "Raum". Semicircular center Air Anahata chakra feel and develop with a green cloud and the mantra "yaum." Finally, the spherical center of the Void size of a small pea, almost point "nourish" cloud blue color, combined with the mantra `to `Hawm." Time to work through a single center from 5 to 15 minutes, the important thing here - do not overdo it.


natural centers, it is necessary to relate them to specific embodiments thereof, taken from real life. In quality-

Stve appropriate to use such vivid images of nature: forest fire, a powerful wave, a huge mountain, hurricane, bottomless space and the like. Appropriately chosen, must be very clear idea of each of them and "drag" on the breath in the center concerned to exhale "infiltrate" the entire body, which then becomes the epitome of how to particular elements. Exercise of this kind is best done before going to bed, it is not plunging into a man, and that, according to your choice represents this element. Waking up in the morning, followed by "pull" this element back to the center and then exhale to "throw" it from him again "become a man».

next stage of training - creating communication channels between natural centers and their corresponding fingers. For this purpose, conventionally used so-called "breathing through his fingers." In other words, how would draw inspiration from the outside tip of some substance in the desired finger and carried her to his spontaneous center, and exhale through the eponymous throw finger of the other hand. After working this exercise, move to the next, aiming to connect the center to the center of the elements of vitality. To do this, relax brush shaking, combined with the tip of the thumb fingertip corresponding natural center. Then imagine figuratively energy flow between the "Tun-den" and this center through the ring formed by pointed. In his left hand the energy flows from the "tanden" to natural center, on the right - on the contrary see Fig. To check the effectiveness of the ring you have created elemental force, ask someone to break his hands. If this fails, you are on the right track.

Full interaction between the center of the vital energy and the desired natural center by simply coupling the respective rings left and right hand, as shown in the figure, depicting a completed "ring firepower" ka-but-rin. In battle,

combat magic ninja shadow warriors

precisely in its initial phase, the ninja primarily figuratively imagined the desired result of a collision killing off consciousness, immobilization, intimidation, etc.. Instantly pop up from the subconscious desired image such as a fire, hurricane, landslide, avalanche, waves, whichever is chosen fighter during training. Simultaneously ninja did require in this case finger plexus and uttered mantra. Thus it closes on "tanden" energy zadeystvovannogo natural center, or, in modern terms, running a program in your bio-computer. Everything else was happening as if by itself.

performing the task, the ninja are usually kept the state of emptiness, allowing it to respond instantly to an unexpected attack, generally on any unwanted change in the situation. Thus, the battle of the Void was considered the main type of combat tactics. A distinctive feature is the emotional detachment from happening, so that the enemy gets the feeling that he does not fight with a real person, but with indifferent and ruthless higher power. Any attempt aimed at to scare, anger or surprise ninja, are completely useless. Essentially the same as the fight Nether Zen ideas about what should be the consciousness of a warrior, always and everywhere ready for death.

Consider in this regard meditation technique Void. Its purpose - to purify the mind from the noise of everyday life, bringing a dysfunctional body systems in matching and merging of consciousness with the cosmic being. Trainee gains confidence, composure, instant response, intuitive understanding of people and situations. Constant meditation classes this lead to a reduction of sleep time needed to recuperate, improve-

Sheniyu night vision and aggravation of all perceiving feelings, including a sense of impending danger.


practice, choose a quiet, peaceful, dimly lit place, bearing in mind that the location as it may hinder or facilitate meditation and playground, suitable for one exercise, may not match another. Nether meditation use so-called "living space", defined either by their animals preferred by most dog or by experiment on their own feelings, or with the help of modern techniques, for example, removing biopotentials person.

Spread the straw mat, blanket or silk handkerchief just not synthetic materials. Refresh in cold water face and hands and rinse your mouth out. Sit on a mat and bent at the knee right leg and slide it under foot left thigh; foot left foot post above, between the femur and tibia of the right leg. Straighten your spine, chest flatten slightly downward slope face and tongue tip touch the sky in the upper teeth. Do not invest in a pose no power, but be careful not to spin the hump. Hands are located in the groin, and folds right into a fist, and the left front covers that fist so that the thumbs are crossed left over right on. If this hand position cause significant discomfort, brushes should be interchanged. Hooded eyes look blankly at a piece of black cloth with a white closed track, located about a meter in front of you. This position is called a "hunk", and it is important to find a sense of convenience, Fig. A simplified version is used in the cross-legged position Fig. B.

adopting meditation posture, note the ease nasal breathing. A healthy person breathes predominantly one nostril, a few tens of minutes to switch to another. Each nostril breathing activates your brain areas and, consequently, improve-

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Techniques emptiness meditation

decreases or worsen certain features of the body. Breathing through the left nostril in, eg, sharpens hearing and sense of smell and is used in the techniques of infiltration, and breathing through the right nostril e promotes active physical action and is useful for training or in combat.

usual method of switching breathing with one nostril to the other lock is active light, which, for example, you can lie on your side with the same name as a result of operating the nostrils in a few minutes breathing switches itself automatically. To accelerate this process in the side should enclose elbow and breathe lying down, lower nostril and exhale top. Skill fast switching breathing produced if periodically plugging one of the nostrils with cotton and focusing on the movement of air, to link it with the words "breath Institute" or "breath e", depending on which nostril is free. The ultimate goal - gaining the ability to switch between breathing a slight bend in a locked body and mind towards pronouncing the formula corresponding breathing.

Moment switch gives a short period of time when the nostrils are about the same, it is this period necessary for meditation Void. To maintain this status, press the two symmetrical points in the centers of the suboccipital depressions on the neck Fig. B.

next step - alternate breathing through one nostril, which aims - removal and possible voltage balancing mental and physical areas of the body. When performing this exercise, hold your right thumb right nostril Fig. T and inhale slowly through the left. Then release the right nostril and close the little finger with the ring finger of the left in Fig. D, at the same time reducing the perineal muscles. After a pause, relieve tension and exhale through the right nostril, then it did the same the next breath. Completing the cycle, hold your breath and exhale through

left nostril. Should inhale for 5 accounts, breathing detain 10, exhale for 5.

completing three cycles of the previous phase, return the hand to its original position and pay attention to your breathing pattern. Your task - to change the sharp transitions from inspiration to expiration in flowing so that ultimately it was impossible to understand, you inhale or exhale. Imagine that your breath is squished on the ring where uniform breaths connected tangible inhibiting transitions. Your breathing while as though stopped and merges with the great cosmic breath "ki" like "stop breathing" is also used in some techniques of hiding and escape. As you focus on the dynamics of breaths, stop this process marks the disappearance of the object of concentration, and the concentration goes into meditation. Perhaps the state of emptiness arising scare consciousness that tries to cling to some random thought. Try not to pay any attention to this idea.

When exiting meditation blinked, stretch his arms and legs, massage the toes and do some abdominal breathing cycles.

All of the above is summarized in a brief formula "meditation Emptiness": choose place - strike a pose - to establish regular breathing both nostrils - perform three cycles of alternate breathing through one nostril - apply the technique of stop breathing - enter the Void - hold final event.

practice it should be 15-30 minutes in the morning or in the evening before bedtime, in abbreviated form, before training. Besides the general developmental and it has a purely target destination, helping reach the optimal way of behavior in a given situation, to realize the consequences of their actions, to obtain information about hiding. In other words, this technique is based on

Trust self-programming and goes beyond the initial recommendations.

Ninja could have some time to become a superman, uttering magic spells dzyumon, weaving his fingers in intricate combinations kuji-in and mentally identifying himself with one of the mythical creatures: raven werewolf Tengu heavenly warrior Maris-ten, the lord of the night Garuda , giant Fudo-me and others. As a result, he took on those mental and physical qualities that are needed at this time: strength, quickness of movement, insensitivity to pain and injury, a burst of energy and so on. This method is called "kuji-Goshin-ho", that is "the protection of the nine syllables».

Nine syllables - is the name of nine "levels of power" that ninja held one after the other or stay at one of them, saying the word dzyumon properly folding fingers in nine magical combinations and concentrating the mind on the process of merging with a mythical creature nenriki, in the truth of the existence of which he believed the most heart. Names Data steps associated finger combinations and spells following:

1. Rin. Pronounce spell "he buy shea ra mandate that I have with wa ka". Figure called "Dokken" Fig. One;

2. Haye. Spell-dzyumon is, "he sha on I John that I`m with Mr. wa ka". Figure called "daykongo" Fig. 2;

3. fact. Dzyumon as follows: "he ji pe ta ra ra ta shi ji ba ra-but on a wa ka". The figure of "Hyde zisi" or "sotodzisi", see Fig. 3

4. Sha. Magic formula "he hai shi bai ra mandate that I have to wa ka", digital plexus called "nai-RS & S" or "teach-RS & S", Fig. 4;

5. Kai. Dzyumon "but it is about ma-ku san da ba sa mandate given to Mr. Kan," figure "gai-tank" or "gebakuken", see Fig. 5;

6. Ching. Syllables here is: "he and she on me I ma Institute with wa ka", the name ketsu-in "nai-tank" or "naybakuken" Fig. 6;

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7. Retsu. Dzyumon "he hee ro ta ki ball but ha ji ba tie and with wa ka", the figure "tiken" Fig. 7;

8. Sai. Spell sounds like "he ri ti ti po ba and that I am with wa ka" and plexus fingers called "nitirin" Fig. 8;

9. Zen. Spell-dzyumon "and he pa ba sha-on but with wa ka", the name plexus ketsu-in "inkey" or "Onge" Fig. 9.

In various ninjutsu schools used their own spells, magic gestures and verbal-visual images. Here are the ones that are listed in the book Japanese researcher R. Otake "Divine and sword».

Each step in this formula is "rin-Hey-it-sha-kai-jin-retsu-sai-Zen" had its own meaning and purpose. So, on the steps of "rin" introduced image-aspiration nenriki and spell in conjunction with gesture "Dokken" helped to gain confidence and feel energized. Spell "Hey" and plexus fingers "daykongo" directed this energy in the right direction. In other words, the image-aspiration began to subdue the mind. Step "that" made it possible to connect to the energy of the surrounding space and thus know its hidden essence example, feel ambush or trap. Next step - "sha" - the body mobilize domestic resources that enable it to act beyond the ordinary human capabilities, not to feel pain, injury, loss of blood. Magic formula "kai", together with the figure "gebakuken" exacerbated sensitivity to imminent danger of any kind. Dzyumon and ketsu-in stage "jin" donee opportunity to feel the feelings of other people and animals, and they impose the desired emotional state. Spell "retsu" and the figure "tiken" freed man from the shackles of time and space. Now he could see his mind`s eye the past and remote locations. Dzyumon "sai" and plexus fingers "nitirin" contributed to that effort will

combat magic ninja shadow warriors

change the course of events around in the desired direction. And finally, the spell "Zen" with ketsu-in "inkey" did spy invisible to enemies.

As for the meaning

dzyumon spell, then their constituent syllables mean nothing either in Japanese or in any other language. Adepts shugendo believed it - special sounds, utterances universal Buddha Daina-minute, charged his supernatural powers. Of course, in terms of modern physiology mechanism of spells per person explained differently. It is known that the sound, depending on the frequency of the waves and their rhythm, can change emotional state, causing people to feel peace, joy, excitement, fear, tension, aggression ... Various combinations of sounds that resonate in the larynx, act directly on the head brain and thus affect the emotions and feelings.

concentration of consciousness on the mental images of supernatural creatures, it is a common mental programming through self-hypnosis. The point here is that each of these creatures has rigidly fixed set of qualities ascribed to him. They should adopt, fully identifying himself with these creatures. Do not just imagine yourself, say, a crow Tengu, and in fact to do so in his own mind. Then it will be to find those abilities possessed by this werewolf.

Finger combination western physiology until explains. But according to the views of theorists oriental medicine, each finger on the right hand and the left hand is associated with a specific energy meridian. Folding the fingers into various shapes, different ninja closed the channels through which the internal energy moves. Following nenriki dzyumon and it had a significant impact on his mental and physical condition. For example, in order to relieve anxiety and to find the desired concentration, sufficient to connect the ends of the index fingers straightened and bent and taken-

combat magic ninja shadow warriors


thumbs down. Other fingers to twist and lean on them with palms that should not touch each other. To enhance the effect of this ketsu-in brush should be kept at the level of the abdomen, and eyes turned to the connection point of forefingers on display ahead of the abdomen. By the way, along with nine major ketsu-in, there were derived from them, so that the total number of combinations is equal to 81 finger figure 9x9. Number 9 in shugendo however, as in many other religions is a sacred ...

However, it should be said frankly that attempts to understanding art kuji Goshin-ho modern people of the West are doomed to failure. First, it is necessary to know all the nuances, because the slightest discrepancy not only give the desired result, but also cause the opposite effect. Second, the localization of brain function among Europeans and Japanese differs slightly. This is due to writing, phonetics and linguistic structure of the language and those of others. Europeans want other dzyumon, ketsu-in and nenriki than Japanese, so to speak, "home-style". And finally the third, the most important thing. No spells and tangles fingers does not help those who do not believe in the truth of the existence of the supernatural beings on the mystical connection with which rests the whole doctrine shugendo. Much in ninjutsu forever remain inaccessible to us precisely because of its inner essence is what makes the impossible possible, the most powerful force in the world - faith!

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