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Nobody could compete with ninja art penetration impregnable castles and military camps, not to mention the objects that are not protected.

Trying to get into the enemy stronghold, or the location of the enemy troops, ninja never acted blindly. Conversely, any action carefully planned and calculated, often to within one step of one second. Thought through the options and sequence of actions, basic and alternate routes, the way a forced retreat. However, the flight ninja thought less likely, since the success of the company provided - not least - absolute confidence.


ninja knew the plan of the place where he was to conduct the operation, including the location of residential and ancillary facilities, accommodations guards, time and details of their shift and a lot more in the same vein. This information is often collected by other ninja who visited the arena of upcoming events well in advance in the form of harmless vagrants. If this information is missing, ninja artist himself accumulating it piece by piece, adding a coherent picture of them, just as it is done in the children`s puzzle. He had long observed the behavior of the owners of the castle, their soldiers and servants, meticulously studied the features of the architecture and layout of buildings. Scout did not hurry-

art penetration Ninja

Xia, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike for sure. Does not mean the character "nin" and even "patience»?

course, espionage operations to ferret out secrets, steal or copy the document differed significantly from assassinations and sabotage. But if and had been one of the strengths of the ninja clan that they were experts in different fields. Therefore, for each case to select the most suitable performers. While operations managers Tyunin take into account physical data and soldiers who were in their possession, and psychological characteristics, and the degree of ownership by certain specific skills.

To penetrate into the forbidden zone ninja used different tactical methods, among which the most important were the following three: the choice of the weakest link in the security system is weak in terms of inaccessibility, selection of the most favorable moment distraction custody. Believed, for example, that the best time for prokradyvaniya - this moonless, foggy, rainy or windy night, especially in spring and summer, when people sleep tight all. Divert attention "teammates", arranging arson, explosion, just some noise in a place far from where they had to go comrade. If the assistant was not a warrior-alone himself had to take care of a diversionary tactic.

Slipping inside, ninja proceeded to the task set before him his "Tyunin." To do this, not only needed to know the way for sure, have thought out plan, but also move silently, observing the safety precautions at to avoid numerous traps. So, in the corridor could suddenly collapse with noise from above the door mechanism which load from the foot, which has stood for a certain location. In the ceilings were often empty bays where the guards were hiding,

Hidden watching top for what is done below, cocked crossbow in hand. Trying to quietly open the door lock release could hatch into a deep pit with steep walls and sharp stakes at the bottom.

The fact that all this is not fiction, the facts show. Thus, in the extant house in Kyoto-Mochida zuki former, incidentally, ninjas, now converted into a museum, the researchers found a well, located directly behind the main entrance to the house. It was packed to the top 80 skeletons uninvited guests, lying about it to the XVI century! A palace shoguns Toku-gawa in Kyoto has the same famous "singing floors" that can nullify all the tricks medieval spies. This refers to a specific technique of the floor with long nails hammered into the support beams under certain utlom under each board. Any of these issues inevitably creak, is only a step. Floorboards themselves while not bend, they just lie on a bed of nails, and deliver the reported effort. Interestingly, in different rooms of the palace floors "sing" in different ways, so that the guards could aurally pinpoint which of the premises is a "guest". On the day of the floors "turned off" at night "included».

However, poor forest in Japan, this technique was very expensive, it could afford only the most wealthy aristocrats, feudal lords - "daimyo". Those lords that were poorer, instead of music boards use threads with bells strung in the dark passages. This system worked no worse after notice in the dark black thread is absolutely impossible, but it was much cheaper boards. I only had to not be lazy every evening putting it into action, and every morning shoot. Still existed dogs faithful friends of the hosts. One spruce, inside the castle was much more dangerous than the outside. Yet ninja bravely rushed to the

attack enemy strongholds and impunity went out, leaving behind dead bodies ...

most reliable assistant ninja was darkness. He knew their strengths and weaknesses. Remembered, for example, that even in pitch darkness faint light dramatically reduces the sensitivity of night vision, so the guards sitting near the brazier with hot coals and cautiously peering into the darkness, see it very little. Ninja himself for the same reason avoided looking at the light or did it with only one eye, the second tightly closed. Knowing that human skin has the ability to stand in the dark ninja wore gloves on his hands and face covered in a mask or painted a dark color. Acting at night, he tried to move in - a way to figure it did not stand out against the background of more light spots for example, on paper background lit from the inside partitions in the house, on the surface of the cast moonlight pond in the doorway, and so on.

To see well in the dark ninja last day or two before going on a mission lived in complete darkness somewhere in the basement of the house with his accomplice, or simply in a pit dug them in a nearby forest, and as a safe shelter from the sun rays and from prying eyes. He left his hiding place, of course, only when night fell. Instead of relying on a single vision, a ninja in its progress from time to time froze, trying to catch the danger of all their senses - keen to limit the hearing, smell, touch and mystical "inner eye».


ninja snuck on all fours, gently fingering the space in front of him. In other cases the contrary, he climbed to the roof and there went on his way, climbing from one beam to another and thereby bypassing, all arranged at the bottom of traps and ambushes. Yet in most cases, he moved so-called "side-step" shinobi-eco-Arouca, flow-

art penetration Ninja


that this method allows you to move in a narrow band, see drawings. Movement is undertaken as a smooth, fluid motion well oiled machine running at a given pace, without haste and without the slightest noise.

For working

lung silent ninja steps walked for hours in winter hm ice clogs on supports geta-benches, and in the summer in soft shoes with thick soles on rice paper lying on the sand. Creak, distributed in both cases, it was necessary to minimize and ideally eliminate completely. For this ninja inspired a sense of lightness throughout the body and is concentrated in the energy center of the stomach hara. On the job, he was going to "tabi" - thick socks, in which the thumb is separated from the other toes of the foot. When walking on slippery, wet surfaces used so-called lapping step on the surface of granular gravel, sand - tight "rolling" in the tall grass and reeds - sweeping. All forces ninja tried to avoid having to walk on dry leaves, straw or bamboo, as they inevitably produce rustling.

well-lit space ninja overcame short jerks, stiffening in complete immobility after each of them. Themselves these jerks he tried to do in those moments when the guards distracted attention: the flash of lightning, clap of thunder, a gust of wind, rain enhancement, with changing of the guard, the roll-call time, the conversation between the inhabitants of the castle itself. Suited and the creak of a door opening course, if someone else opened it, and the barking of dogs - all that people tend to pay attention involuntarily. Door, by the way, the ninja did not open without checking in advance that it does not squeak. If necessary, he oiled the hinges butter or moistened with water and even his own urine.

As is known, the scout could climb even small holes due to its flexibility, the ability to get the limb bones of the joints and produce specific undulations resembling snake. So that he could enter the building, for example, through the roof, removing only two or three tiles. If he let some deadbolt lock or latch, ninja floats your tools, which was set him no worse than a professional burglar. This shikoro wood saw, saw-file yadziri metal cutting tsubo weights brace for drilling holes in wood, ka-Suta carpentry hooks for fixing shutters and doors in the open position, Kunai small spatula, Toby-Kunai multi-purpose tool, which can be cut, dig, riving, punch holes, used as a lever kurorokaki metal gon cracking windows and paper walls, dzyurorokaki tool for opening locks, something like a skeleton key, Osaka device for cracking bolts. Was also kikigame - sort of auditory tube with socket on one end allows you to hear what`s going on behind the wall. Sometimes, for example, to find the right document, ninjas needed a ray of light. Therefore, among his gear had a set of lamps. Tanagokoro-Thai-placed in the palm of matzah, mizu-Thai-matzo burned even in the pouring rain, Gandhi candle always remained upright, no matter under what utlom he hung. Doc could also serve to highlight, although he was primarily a small metal water bottle with a few hot coals inside. Thanks to her, the spy even in very cold preserved mobility of his fingers ...

In art

prokradyvaniya there were many purely practical tricks and techniques that are not outdated today. Inappropriate to describe them in detail. For example, in cases where the presence of waking people seemed fatal hindrance Ninja lulled them

hypnotics smoke allocated smoldering paper soaked in a mixture of blood snake and newt mole or shunt them food and drink powder from the seeds of Datura. Such "recipes" are too close modes of action of modern criminals, but because we`ll let it go at that.

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