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According to ancient sources, "the invisible" of the Iga and Koga were known secrets to 300 potions of various properties: medicinal, poisonous, tonic, antidotes, etc. It is believed that the best versed in this issue of the Koga ninja, where the population was engaged from time immemorial herbal medicine collection and compilation. In this chapter we introduce the reader to some recipes "dry rations", drugs and poisons ninja from Iga and Koga.


One of the values of the character "nin" as probably knows the reader - "bear", "bear." They say that made their way into the house of the enemy, "night demons" sometimes waited weeks for a chance to send to the light his victim as non-fulfillment of an assignment often meant death. How did they manage for so long-

Gogo term bear hunger and thirst, because even a superman like a ninja had to be reduced to a pulp completely within a few weeks of forced seating in some gnarled posture? And the water? Without water will not stay long. The fact is that, going on a mission, special ninja is always stocked with dry rations.


marching rations consisted of a variety of ninja pills. Only "Bansensyukay" provides about 30 different recipes to satisfy the hunger kikatsu-gan, thirst suykatsugan, tonic, eliminating dryness in the mouth, etc. pills. Nava Yumio personally conducted trials of such drugs, manufactured in accordance with the requirements of ancient books on ninjutsu, and in most cases it was possible to achieve the desired effect, although there were also "problem": whether the components were taken wrong, or instructions contain errors. Interestingly, some of these recipes, the Japanese used during the Second World War in the manufacture of dry rations for subversive groups and crews of warships. And they have proven themselves well: the sensation of hunger and thirst, relieves fatigue. After the war, continued to study the formulation Ninja Japanese climbers also need caloric, but very light weight power and again succeeded.

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