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Pop-Suir - "WATER HELMET" Ninja

2015-12-23 00:00:00

This is another element of underwater equipment ninja. This is a special helmet that ninjas used to protect the head, hiding under the water. In "Ninpiden" about it

says: "When hiding in the water ditch, river, etc., use this [device]. Upper circle is made of iron, like the [usual] helmet liner and put on make

Pop-Suir - « » water helmet Ninja

Fig. 194. Suytyuko - "water armor" drawing from "Ninpiden»


head, fasten the left and right cords, which hang on the tips of thin iron plate. Because of this, no matter how fast the river, [Helm] does not tilt. In addition, it should be good temper iron, so that if a person hit the top, did not get his head to [hat] is not pierced or arrows or bullets. [Hanging] left and right hands to keep the laces. " Judging by the attached drawing, a water helmet must be worn on the head freely. As it uses the lining leather. Itself bowl helmet, according to the source, had a diameter of about 41 cm long cords were made about 1 m to the ends fastened triangular iron plates 21 cm in length Fig. 195.

Pop-Suir - « » water helmet Ninja

Fig. 195. Pop-Suir - "water helmet" drawing from "Ninpiden»

From the instructions

ninja is also known that instead of pop-Suir can be used and a large ... pan, turned upside down and put on his head. Incidentally, when properly submerged this "protective structure", it remains a certain amount of air that can breathe underwater.

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