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AME Hiya - "rain Firebolt»

2015-12-23 00:00:00

This sample

incendiary arrows powder charge was wrapped with oiled paper, rainproof, and wrapped with thread, and the wick was filled with a mixture of powder paint for blackening teeth. Thanks to this wick not faded even in the rain, and the charge delivered to the target completely nepodmochennym.

Throwing bombs and grenades left Ninja


This "bomb" was a pitcher height of about 24 cm, filled with gunpowder, lead and iron bullets. With the explosion she flogged men and horses shot. Used for throwing.

TEHIYA - "MANUAL sparks»

ame-archy - rain Firebolt « »

Fig. 39. Tehiya

fact, tehiya Fig. 39 - an analogue of modern grenades. Its made of bamboo cutting length with standard flute, which she saw off-


way that on both ends of the left lateral septum. Snip stuffed with gunpowder. Ninja burned wick and threw a grenade at the enemy.


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